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Noticeofthe 3rd Young Scientists Life Sciences Forum (First Round)

Young scientists Life Sciences Forum is a large-scale academic event initiated by the Life Sciences Branch of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association (YIPA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), attracting many young scholars from CAS, universities, medical institutes and other life sciences research institutions in China and overseas. The forum is held to unite young scientists in the field of life sciences, carry forward scientific spirits, strengthen academic exchanges, promote cooperation across different disciplines and build the life sciences community. The first two Young Scientists Life Sciences Forums were held in Urumqi (2019) and Wuhan (2020). We received extensive attention and reports from central and local media such as People' s Daily, and won unanimous praise from young researchers in the field of life sciences nationwide.

The 3rd Young Scientists Life Sciences Forum will be held in Beijing in June 2021. The forum will set up four themes: life and health, life and sustainable development, biological resources and intelligent agriculture, and life sciences cutting edge, covering more than 10 directions such as biodiversity and conservation biology, bio-safety, plant science and modern agriculture, intersection of ecology and geology, etc. The forum will provide a professional academic exchange platform for both young scholars in various fields and public figures who are interested in the themes. Young scholars, scientists and students from research institutes, universities and enterprises are cordially invited to participate!



Time and Venue
Time:  June 4 to 6, 2021
Venue: Exchange center of Beijing petroleum science and technology
(Northeast corner of the intersection of Huanghe Street and Taihang Road, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing)
Conference size: 500 people

Sponsor and Organizer

Young Scientists Life Sciences Forum Council
YIPA Group of Institute of Zoology, CAS;
Life Sciences Branch, YIPA, CAS

YIPA Group of Institute of Microbiology, CAS;
YIPA Group of Institute of Botany, CAS;
YIPA Group of Institute of Genomics, CAS;
YIPA Group of Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS;
YIPA Group of Institute of Biophysics, CAS;
YIPA Group of Institute of Psychology, CAS

Chairman: Jiatang Li
Vice Chairman: Yi Shi, Boqiang Li, Xuncheng Liu, Haijun Wang, Ke Chen
Secretary-general: Min Wang
Deputy Secretary-general: Ming Luo, Shuhui Song
Executive Chairman: Tianda Li
Deputy Executive Chairman: Baojun Sun
Members (in the order of the number of strokes in the surnames)
Qihui Wang, Haijun Wang, Min Wang, Qiang Wang, Zhenbo Wang, Guimei Feng, Xing Liu, Xuan Liu, Baojun Sun, Shuhui Song, Dake Zhang, Baocai Zhang, Weiqi Zhang, Tianda Li, Ming Luo, Ke Chen, Leiyi Chen, Lilin Zhao, Jie Huang, Zhen Cai, Jie Xiong, Xiaowei Pan, Zhuqiang Zhanng
Mingyu Li, Institute of Zoology, CAS
Jinqiao Li, Institute of Zoology, CAS



Sub-venue Themes
Theme 1: Life and Health
Reproduction and development; tumor and immunity; neurobiology
Theme 2: Life and Sustainable Development
Bio-safety; biodiversity and conservation biology; intersection of ecology and geology
Theme 3: Biological Resources and Intelligent Agriculture
Plant science and modern agriculture; microbiome; marine biology
Theme 4: Life Science Cutting Edge
Synthetic biology; biomaterials and biomedical engineering; emerging biotechnology and big data




Registration and payment

1. Please complete both the registration and payment online.

2. Registration fees:
Regular: RMB 2000/person (before May 15); RMB 2300/person (after May 15 or on-site payment)
Students and postdoctors: RMB 1500/person
Enterprise attendees: RMB 3000/person

3. Registrationwebsite: Or scan the QR code




Designated hotel: Exchange center of Beijing petroleum science and technology
Address: Northeast corner of the intersection of Huanghe street and Taihang road, Shahe town, Changping district, Beijing
(The transportation/accommodation fees of the attendees are excluded)
Please fill in the online registration form for hotel reservation if needed.





1. Please comply with work schedule and meeting arrangement to receive excellent conference services.
2. Please read the Conference Manual carefully and consult the Registry if there is any question.
3. During the meeting, please takeyour name card to enter and exit the venue. Staffs of the conference will be arranged to check the name card.
4. Please do not make a loud noise in the hall and please put your mobile phone in silent or vibration mode.
5. During the meeting, please take good care of your belongings (meal vouchers, materials), and be safe when going out.
6. Please do not smoke in the conference venue, exhibition area, restaurant and other areas.


Contacts and conference services

Mingyu Li (Institute of Zoology, CAS), Tel: 18404967463
Jinqiao Li (Institute of Zoology, CAS), Tel: 15527655838

Conference services:
Shina An, Tel: 13296413366
(Please note that this conference may be rescheduled according to the national epidemic prevention and control policy)

Youth Innovation Promotion Association Group of Institute
of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
(substitute seal by Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
December 26, 2020


主办单位: 青年生命科学论坛理事会
承办单位: 中国科学院动物研究所青促会小组、 中国科学院青年创新促进会生命科学分会
协办单位: 中国科学院微生物研究所青促会小组、中国科学院植物研究所青促会小组
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